US Airways bumped me! What should I do now? [Part 1]

October 6, 2010
By Alexa

Photo by dykstranet, licensed under Creative Commons

Today, we’ve got an email sent in by a user about getting bumped from a flight. A great resource An Inconvenient Trip recommends is On Your Side, a wiki that helps travelers voice their complaints to airlines.

User Post by Alexa
One year ago US Airways bumped me. I paid $800 for this flight from Philadelphia to Nantucket over Labor Day weekend. No one asked if I would like to forfeit my seat at the time. I was reassigned to a new flight and was given compensation for the inconvenience.

The manager who issued my voucher told me that I would receive $300 that I could use to fly US Air anytime within a year; she also wrote this amount out on my voucher.

I tried to use this voucher the other night. However I ran into much difficulty with the US Air customer service. After calling the reservations line I was informed that the voucher was only for $200 and in order to resolve this issue I was referred to call the online customer service center. So I did.

After explaining my problem to the online customer service rep, I was transferred to a supervisor to explain my problem. I realized that in small type the voucher stated that it was only for $200 even though the US Airways rep that gave it to me hand wrote $300 on it. The supervisor got fresh with me and berated me for trying to use my voucher on the last day that it was valid!

Maybe I got a mean rep, so I called the reservation desk again and asked to speak to a supervisor. The person to whom I spoke sounded like he was at a call center in India. He informed me that there was no supervisor on duty, and when I asked his name and employee ID, he would not give it to me and he hung up on me!

I was astounded by the customer service I received from US Air. The representatives were rude, unaccommodating and not helpful. If I weren’t close to making status on US Air, I would not fly them again!

Do you have your own story? Email us and if we feature your story, we will send you a certificate for $25 off your next Airtran purchase. We are already working with Alexa to get a more appropriate response from US Airways (More to come in Part 2) and we strive to help every user with their travel problems.

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